What is a Data Scientist, anyway?

what is a data scientist?

What is a Data Scientist, anyway?

We’ve all heard about the wonderful world of Data Science, where a lucrative and engaging career awaits. Data science hasn’t been dubbed ‘the sexiest job of 2017′ for nothing.


Chances are, if you’ve made it to this page, your interest is piqued too.


Whether you are tempted by the career prospects, the promised salaries, or hey, you just love data; this rapidly expanding field offers an incredible array of opportunities for bright minds.


…but what does this really mean? What is a data scientist, anyway?



What is a data scientist?


We asked get asked this a lot, and we understand the confusion.


The simple answer = a data scientist’s work varies greatly depending on the role and what is required. But let’s try and break this down into some common job requirements.



Data scientists solve real world problems faced by businesses, consumers and organisations all across the globe.


Make no mistake, data science requires skill, creativity and a sense of adventure.


Did we mention it’s well paid, well respected, and ridiculously in demand?


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Data scientists use their inquisitive minds to play detective, designer and creative problem solver, all at once.


“What is the data saying, and what does it mean?”


They get intimate with the data in several intriguingly smart ways. Think statistical modelling, machine learning, and data visualisation.



They aggregate and clean data, extracting relevant, accurate information, and presenting results in creative dashboards and self-designed applications.



They might be tasked with building out whole data teams and intelligent infrastructures from the ground up. Imagine, true ownership of projects.



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But there’s more. We’re talking about some serious transferable skills.


What is a data scientist, you ask? Another question is, what else could data scientists be?


Alternative or related career paths may include…



Product Engineer

This role combines business strategy with algorithm, producing data products for big business. Think Netflix and Amazon suggestions, Spotify ‘discover’ playlists, and Gmail’s spam filter.


Now, imagine you could be the one to connect the data dots, build your idea, and bring something groundbreaking into the business limelight. Exciting, right?



Data Analyst

Are you a numbers guru? Because this role is all about implementing statistical approaches to data, and creating predictive models to unravel the numbers.


It is about implementing the lessons of the data to answer tricky business questions. Think maths, stats, modelling, and a whole host of programming languages and advanced algorithms!



Data Engineer

Maybe you’re all about the nitty gritty? Consider data engineering; using (and designing) intelligent software to process and mine large databases.


We’re talking coding, cleaning up data sets, working with a variety of programming languages and warehousing solutions. This field is experiencing huge amounts of growth as the industry gets increasingly more complex and competitive- there’s never been a better time to skill up and innovate!



Marketing Strategist

Increasingly, vast amounts of data are available from virtually every transaction and channel; from social media, to loyalty cards, to dating aps.


Are tweets positive or negative? Who swipes left or right? Which postcode is more lucrative? Why?


The need for experts to understand audience groups, and design targeted campaigns which creatively solve specific consumer problems, has never been stronger! Get ready to dig through the data for diamonds.



Business Consultant

Could you see yourself advising big business leaders with powerful data-driven strategy?


It’s a competitive minefield out there, and more than ever companies need sharp minds to unpick data patterns and advise their top dogs. This role requires creativity and communication- both in uncovering insights, and communicating them in invigorating ways to key decision makers.



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