September 2017 News

September 2017 News

September 2017 News

Holidays over? It’s time to think about your career…


The ‘back to school’ movement is well and truly alive across the UK right now, with universities welcoming new students, schools starting a fresh year, and all of us wondering where ‘summer’ went.


But what about you? Are you launching a new chapter in your career?


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The good news is you don’t have to go back to school, and you definitely don’t need to devote four years or more to university. You don’t even need to quit your current job!


We can get you started in data quickly, with our flagship 6 week course. Read on to see how we make this happen…





September has been a busy month at Step Function!


This month we have partnered with another recruitment agency – Rethink – and we are very excited about the new opportunities this will offer our students and graduates. They will be presenting Step Function graduates to hiring companies and matching employers with our best talent – you!


Below you can read about our latest graduate case study, Javier, who comes from a different industry but just secured his first data job after a six week course and career package from us. Javier is not alone with this success – check out our graduates here.


Past, current or future student – remember to join us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and industry news! We keep one ear firmly on the ground and are always sharing opportunities.





We know we offer an incredible learning environment and a truly hands-on approach – but don’t just take our word for it!


Keen to know what our students think? Here’s the September low-down from one of our recently employed graduates:


“Step Function 6 weeks course was an incredible experience. The quality of the teaching and documentation was the main thing, but also the intensive program and the small class sizes.


I had a background in sociology, quantitative research and market research but very basic skills in coding. Between the course and the help with the recruitment, I saved months and months in finding my first professional data experience!


The human quality and the professionalism of the staff was invaluable for this demanding and intensive learning process. The Data Science skills applied to my specific background were decisive in finding my new job.”


– Javier, September 2017

Digital Data Analyst at Mavens of London

Previous experience: Sociologist with two months online learning (basic coding)


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Deciding to change the course of your career and become a data scientist is a big decision – so we understand you have a lot of questions.


Something we get asked a lot about is entry requirements. Here’s our stance…


Q: Am I under qualified for the course?


A: This depends on your current skill level – you may need to complete a free online course first


You need to be able to code in python before you begin, and have a good working knowledge of it. If you are not at this level right now, we can recommed some excellent free resources to help you hit the ground running.


A basic familiarity with statistics and linear algebra is also incredibly useful, as it means our coaches can move more quickly on to the advanced techniques of machine learning.


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Read more FAQs here





Ready to be taught by industry experts with several years professional experience, and given hawk-like feedback from day one?


Ready to take the plunge, skill up, and let us find you a new career?


Let’s do this. The following courses are coming up – don’t miss out.



6 week course, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm


13th November 2017 – £5,000


8th January 2018 – £5,000




11 week course, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm


9th October 2017 – £7,500


8th January 2018 – £7,500



Find the right course for you

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