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Why Remote Courses @ Step Function?

Cheaper than our classroom based courses

Learn from the comfort of your home

Join the class remotely via our live audio and video feed

All you need is your computer and a headset

Intro to Machine Learning

Our 1 week evening course explores machine learning algorithms, both supervised and unsupervised.

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Data Analysis Intensive

Our comprehensive 3 week evening Data Analysis course teaches SQL, Python and Tableau.

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Introduction to Python

Our 3 week evening course for beginners, comes with the option of a 1 week machine learning extension.

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1 Day Python

Learn the Python fundamentals on our 1 day weekend course and begin your journey into programming.

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1 Day Tableau

Our 1 day weekend Tableau course will teach you to visualise your data in beautiful, insightful ways.

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High Quality Teaching

Our remote courses allow you to join our classrooms in London via a live video feed, from wherever you are in the world.


You will be able to communicate real-time with your expert teacher, asking questions orally or via the live chat functionality.


If you are stuck on a task, screen-sharing with your teacher will enable you to debug within seconds.


Our remote classes bring the personal, professional touch to your remote location.

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