July 2017 News

July 2017 News

Week after week we see that data science keeps making the news, and that more employers than ever are crying out for bright analytical minds, just like yours!


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We are busier than ever helping driven people – people just like you – make the switch to this exciting, lucrative, career path!


As a result, there is always something exiting happening at Step Function, and July is no exception!


Save 20% off August course fees – offer ending soon!





July is shaping up to be a busy month at Step Function!


We’ve got two courses underway, a third launching next week, and some students on exciting real-life placements.


Remember, there is just one course date remaining (August 7th) at our promotional rate of 20% off – make sure you think fast to save a cool £1,000!


As Forbes (and many others!) so brilliantly explain, you DON’T need to spend the big dollars and the best years of your life trapped on a lengthy degree. What you really need is project experience, and that’s where we come in!


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Our industry links ensure that you not only have the opportunity to meet with and impress hiring businesses, but you also get an incredible portfolio of project work to wow them with!


This month, current students are busy working on data wrangling and data analysis placements – and we have many more real-life projects in the pipeline!


If you are coming to study with us soon – welcome!


And if you’re still undecided, our courses are currently reduced by 20% for August ONLY – meaning you save an amazing £1,000! What are you waiting for?





We pride ourselves on teaching in a very individual and career-focused way. Our model is based on real projects led by expert coaches, small classes, flexible learning and hands-on feedback!


But don’t take our word for it – here’s what our June students have to say:

“I have enjoyed the course so far. I understand Python a lot more clearly now and I am excited to learn more about the machine learning side of Data Science. The teaching style is good, it’s open so we can all ask questions when we need to.”
– Simran, June 2017


“The training has been going very well and the teacher is experienced enough to take us far. He’s always answered all our questions. The facilities are very good. Course content so far is great. Thank you!”
– Cedric, June 2017

Learn more about our teaching & career support





Deciding to change the course of your career and become a data scientist is a big decision – so we understand you have a lot of questions.


Something we get asked a lot about is flexible learning. Here’s our stance…


Q: Can I learn remotely / study online?


A: On the rare occasion you need to, we can be flexible. But as there is no substitute for face to face learning, we only offer classroom coaching.


Our model is based on teacher led projects, and we want to offer future employers students which we can 100% vouch for. We also want to know and support you – and get you to the heart of the scene in central London.


Networking and finding you a job is very important to us – that’s hard to do at home in your underwear, despite what people tell you!


Online learning just wont cut it for something as complex as Data Science, and for the standards and enjoyment we want you to achieve, so right now it is not something we formally offer.


However, we understand that not everyone can commit to a full time course, so for this reason we run an evening version of our 6 week course!


Have a question for us? Hit reply or email us at enquiries@stepfunctioncoaching.co.uk.


Read more FAQs here





Ready to be taught by industry experts with several years professional experience, and given hawk-like feedback from day one?


Ready to take the plunge, skill up, and let us find you a new career?


Let’s do this. The following courses are coming up – don’t miss out.



6 week course, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm


7th August 2017 – £4,000 (20% off)


25th September 2017 – £5,000



11 week course, Monday – Friday, 6pm – 9pm


17th July 2017 – £4,000 (20% off)


9th October 2017 – £5,000



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