The most in demand skill of 2018

the most in demand skill of 2018

The most in demand skill of 2018

What is it that attracts you to a career in data science?


Beyond the scope of the job itself, there are two rather large motivators that deserve addressing:


Data science pays well


Data science is the most in demand skill 


So, just how lucrative and in demand could your new skills be? And WHY?


How lucrative and in-demand is data science?


According to Glassdoor, the average UK data scientist salary is £42,000 – though other sources such as Payscale estimate this to be £46,000, while IndeedIT Jobs Watch and Adzuna work it out to be £60,000.


Using Glassdoor’s more modest figures, this equates to a median salary of £36,500 for a junior data scientist in the UK, and £65,000 for a more experienced data scientist.


Once you are managing your own team, very experienced and in demand, the sky really is the limit – £80,000 is about the beginning.


So depending on your previous skills and experience, you could earn anything from £25k to £55k initially, easily progressing to around £80k after several years at a senior level.


Remember, although starting salaries vary greatly based on personal circumstance, this is a very in-demand field and career (and salary) progression should be rapid if you do well – especially compared to other tech jobs.



This demand is so strong that we now provide a Job Offer Guarantee with our flagship 6 week course. We promise you’ll have job offers for a relevant role within 4 months – or your money back (Terms apply).



So, why is this the most in demand skill of 2018?



The competitive business environment has never been fiercer, nor more prone to rapid change.


Data continues to be produced (and require decoding) at such an alarming rate, that big businesses are often at a loss where to start!


The need for professionals to step in and tame the data, and put it into a language that decision makers understand, has never been greater.




The demand for data experts is now hugely outstripping the supply!


In the UK alone, according to the Guardian, there is expected to be an average of 56,000 data jobs created each year until 2020.


McKinsey & Company report that by 2018, up to 190,000 of these jobs will remain unfulfilled- AND necessitate another 1.5 million managers.



This is the age of The Startup, adapt or die, where innovators and creatives rise to the top.


If a business wants to triumph over the competition, they no longer need to shout their message the loudest; they need to whisper their message selectively, to the valuable few that need it.


But how do businesses find their people? How do they establish what problems need solving? What data should they be collecting, and how?


Such questions are doubtless keeping execs up at night, as teenagers in garages threaten to ruin their empire overnight.



What type of career could you have?





What does this mean for data scientists? 


It means that companies are willing to fight for the best talent (that’s you).


They are fighting with glittering salaries, and they are likely to promote you pretty quickly once you prove your worth.



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