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Bespoke Data Science, Data Analysis and Python training courses to suit your corporation’s specific needs.

We provide on-site training for businesses.

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Select the most relevant modules for your business (some examples below).

“I’m writing on behalf of the whole team to say thank you.


Step Function provided a really great teacher who judged the pace perfectly. We got so much out of the course — even people who had never written a line of code before.


Yesterday, we debriefed internally; the ideas were flowing and everyone was able to “talk the same language” in respect of the data challenges / opportunities we face. The team has definitely levelled-up.”

Tom Cohen – Co-Founder and CTO at Popsa

“The teacher was super willing to change the syllabus in response to our questions and the use cases we encounter at work.


We learnt some really useful tips and tricks, despite not being new to Python.”

Lloyds Bank – Data Engineering Team

Example Data Analysis Modules

Module 1 - Data Analysis Fundamentals


  • From database to knowledge: the data analysis pipeline
  • Future-proofing your data: the three “normal forms” of database design
  • Setting up your environment
  • Procedural vs. declarative programming: Python vs. SQL
Module 2 - SQL
  • Introduction to SQL: selecting, creating and updating data
  • Tables vs. views
  • Joining tables
  • Handling the messy reality of real-world data
  • Complex join expressions
  • Aggregation
  • Subqueries
Module 3 - Python
  • Fundamental structures and types
  • Control flow
  • Structuring your code
  • Core libraries: datetime, unittest, Pandas, NumPy
  • Process automation
  • Reading from and writing to JSON, CSV, text files
Module 4 - Tableau
  • Getting your data into Tableau
  • SQL concepts in Tableau
  • Preparing your data for visualisation
  • Powerful story-telling with data: reader-oriented data visualisation
Module 5 - Bespoke Projects
  • Your staff will create beautiful, intelligent reports from messy, real-world data.
  • With expert supervision they’ll experience the joys and pitfalls of professional data analysis
  • Carrying out a project of your choice

Example Data Science Modules

Session 1 - Example Predictive Model
  • Demonstration
  • Extending the model
  • Environment setup
  • Students replicate the model
  • Model tinkering
Session 2 - Python Basics & the Environment
  • Python idioms
  • Python practice
  • Further environment setup: Github, virtualenvs etc.
  • Advanced Python
  • Advanced Python practice
Session 3 - Machine Learning Basics Theory & Practice
  • Regression
  • Classification
  • Quiz
  • Revision practical
Session 4 - Data Wrangling
  • Pandas and raw files
  • Introduction to relational databases and SQL
  • SQL exercises
  • Cleaning messy data
  • NoSQL: motivation and survey
Session 5 - Clustering and Dimensionality Reduction
  • k-means
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Gaussian Mixture Models
  • TSNE
Session 6 - Advanced Machine Learning Concepts
  • Cross-validation
  • Bayesian Techniques
  • Random Forests
  • Gradient Boosted Trees
  • Feature Engineering
  • Regularisation
Session 7 - Building an A/B Testing Framework
  • Introduction and motivation
  • The statistics of A/B testing
  • Building and testing an A/B framework
  • Other approaches to A/B testing
Session 8 - Deploying Machine Learning Solutions
  • Production considerations
  • Case study: building a ML pipeline
  • Practical: deploying to AWS (Amazon Web Services) Phase 1
  • Practical: deploying to AWS Phase 2
  • Hadoop, Spark and other technologies

Course Characteristics

On-site or at the Step Function Classrooms

Choose the class days, duration and frequency that suit you

Own computers required either Macs or Windows based

Suitable for beginners or intermediates

Junior staff up to senior management

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