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By the end of this course:

You will have experience using the basic constructs of Python including lists, dictionaries, functions and objects.

Having worked through multiple coding exercises, you will have built out your own codebase, implementing logic and control flow as well as exceptions.

Finally you will be familiar with several core Python libraries including datetime, csv, JSON and unittest.

Our Teaching:

We firmly believe in classroom-based study versus online learning, because it ensures your teacher is always on-hand to help you with the challenges you encounter.

We also teach through exercises, ensuring students are programming for the duration of the course.

Our Teachers:

Our teachers are Data Scientists and Quantitative Analysts who exhibit a real passion for this field.

They come with years of both commercial and teaching experience.

Meet Mohammed Mneimne

Mohammed is a Step Function Python teacher who works as a Data Scientist for Easyjet. Mohammed has used Python for 5 years and has teaching experience at Cambridge University.



Mohammed draws on his experience, having utilised Python extensively across multiple Data Science projects.

Student Review:


“Did the python intro course. Instructor was excellent. The course covered easy first steps at quite a fast pace but the course was manageable.”


OLAF DEDIG – August 2018 Course

One Day Python Syllabus

MODULE 1 - The Pythonic Way

The Pythonic Way

  • How to use the basic python constructs: lists, dictionaries, functions and objects
  • Adhering to pythonic principals and good software design guidelines.
MODULE 2 - Logic & Control Flow

Logic and Control Flow

  • Covering Boolean values and expressions
  • Operators
  • Conditional statements and loops
  • All learning is reinforced through exercises
MODULE 3 - Exceptions


  • Exception handling
  • Raising errors
  • User-defined errors
MODULE 4 - Core Libraries and Process Automation

Core Libraries

  • Master the core libraries of Python starting from scratch
  • datetime, csv, json, unittest
  • Learn how to read from and write to csv files, facilitating automation of manual processes in the workplace.

Please note that the details of this One Day Python Course syllabus are accurate at the time of printing. There may be some variation in the final syllabus that is taught.

Step Function, August 2019

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